Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

W-Beam & Thrie-Beam Guardrail Machine

The Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is a crucial piece of equipment in the production of W-beam and Thrie-beam guardrails, essential for highway safety.

This specialized machine shapes steel coils into the desired guardrail profiles with precision and consistency. Its process involves feeding metal coils through rollers that gradually form them into either the “W“ shape of W-beam guardrails or the three continuous curves of Thrie-beam guardrails.

These profiles are designed to absorb and redirect the impact energy of vehicles, enhancing road safety. Modern machines often feature advanced automation and quality control systems to optimize efficiency and ensure consistent quality.

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Gaurdrail Manufacturing Machine in Faridabad

High-Speed Production:

Our machine is equipped with advanced roll forming technology, enabling rapid production of guardrail panels without compromising on quality.

Precision Engineering:

With precision tools and components, our machine ensures accurate shaping and sizing of guardrail panels, meeting strict quality standards and specifications.

Versatile Design:

The machine is versatile and adaptable, capable of producing various types of guardrail profiles to suit different project requirements and applications.

User-Friendly Interface:

Intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make operation easy and efficient, minimizing training requirements and maximizing productivity.

Robust Construction:

Built to withstand heavy-duty use, our machine features a sturdy frame and durable components, ensuring long-term performance and reliability in demanding environments.

Our Guardrail Roll forming machines are engineered to produce high-quality guardrail panels with speed and accuracy. With advanced technology and robust construction, these machines are capable of meeting the demands of even the most challenging projects.


Guardrail Machine – (Sheet Thickness: 2mm ~ 3mm)
General Specification
Type of material to be processed
Thickness fo Sheet
2mm ~ 3mm
Yield Strength
240 Mpa
Sheet / Coil width
472mm and 740mm
 Power Required
17 kVA
Maximum Weight of Coil
5 MT
Variable Line Speed
7 ~ 8 Mpm
 Number of stages
16 Stages
Accuracy Level
Length: ± 2 M.M.
Number of Profile
Single Profile (as per approved Drawing)
Profile Dimension
as per Approved Drawing
Length of Profile sheet
as per Customer Requirement
Complet Line Weight
13 ~ 14 MT (Approx)
Colour of Machine
Blue & Red Orange

Gaurdrail Manufacturing Machine in Faridabad

Guardrail Machine Manufacturer in Faridabad

Guardrail Machine Manufacturer in Faridabad, Haryana, India

Highway Guardrails:

The primary application of a Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is in the production of highway guardrails. These guardrails are installed along roads and highways to provide a protective barrier between vehicles and potential hazards, enhancing road safety and preventing accidents.

Bridge Railings:

Guardrail panels produced by the machine can also be used as bridge railings, providing protection for pedestrians and vehicles crossing bridges and overpasses.

Parking Lot Barriers:

Guardrails manufactured by the machine are often used as barriers in parking lots and commercial properties to define traffic lanes, prevent vehicle collisions, and improve overall safety.

Railway Guardrails:

In railway applications, guardrail panels produced by the machine can be used as protective barriers along railway tracks to prevent derailments and ensure the safety of trains and passengers.

Industrial Safety Barriers:

Guardrails manufactured by the machine can be utilized in industrial settings to create safety barriers around machinery, equipment, and hazardous areas, protecting workers and preventing accidents.

Airport Perimeter Fencing:

Guardrail panels produced by the machine can be used as part of perimeter fencing around airports to enhance security and safety by preventing unauthorized access and protecting airport infrastructure.

Sports Facilities:

Guardrails manufactured by the machine can be installed in sports facilities such as stadiums and arenas to create protective barriers around seating areas, walkways, and playing fields, ensuring the safety of spectators and participants.

Commercial and Residential Properties:

Guardrails produced by the machine can be used in commercial and residential properties as balcony railings, stair railings, and perimeter fencing to enhance safety and security while adding aesthetic appeal to the property.

  • What types of guardrails can be produced with a Guardrail Roll forming Machine?
  • Is customization possible with a Highway Guardrail Machine?
  • Are guardrails used in the railway industry in India?
What types of guardrails can be produced with a Guardrail Roll forming Machine?

A Highway Guardrail Machine can produce various types of guardrails, including W Beam guardrails, Thrie Beam guardrails, and other customized profiles. These guardrails are used to enhance road safety and prevent vehicular accidents.

Is customization possible with a Highway Guardrail Machine?

Yes, Highway Guardrail Machines are often customizable to accommodate different specifications and requirements. This includes adjusting the dimensions, thickness, and profiles of the guardrail panels according to project needs.

Are guardrails used in the railway industry in India?

Yes, guardrails, also known as railway crash barriers, are essential safety features installed along railway tracks in India. They help prevent accidents and ensure the safe operation of train services by providing a protective barrier between the tracks and adjacent areas.



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