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PUF Panel Side Bending Machine

Our PUF Panel Roll Forming Machines are the epitome of precision engineering. These machines are expertly designed to shape metal sheets used exclusively in the production of PUF panels. Their role in the manufacturing process of insulated panels renowned for their exceptional thermal efficiency cannot be overstated.

PUF panel roll forming machine for creating insulated panels.

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Understanding PUF Panels

PUF (Polyurethane Foam) Panels, often referred to as sandwich panels, are a groundbreaking insulation solution. These panels comprise a rigid core material, typically polyurethane foam, sandwiched between two metal sheets. PUF panels are renowned for their exceptional thermal insulation properties and structural strength.

Puf Panel Machine Manufacturers in Haryana

High-Speed Production

Our machines are meticulously engineered for high-speed roll forming, enhancing efficiency and substantially reducing production time.


Tailoring solutions to meet specific PUF panel requirements is our specialty. This includes accommodating various thicknesses and profiles to cater to diverse applications.

Robust Durability

JSEP machines are constructed to withstand the rigors of daily operation, featuring top-quality components for extended performance longevity.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainability is at the core of our principles. Our machines are equipped with energy-efficient systems to lower operational costs and minimise environmental impact.

PUFF Panel Side Bending Machine – 1220mm
General Specification
Type of material to be processed
Colour Coated Coil
Thickness fo Sheet
0.35mm ~ 0.80mm
Yield Strength
550 Mpa
Sheet / Coil width
305 ~ 1220 mm
 Power Required
19 kVA
Maximum Weight of Coil
5 MT
Variable Line Speed
18 ~ 20 Mpm
 Automation level in performance
P.L.C. Controlled Length
Accuracy Level
Length: ± 2 M.M.
Number of Profile
Single Profile (as per approved Drawing)
Profile Dimension
as per Approved Drawing
Length of Profile sheet
as per Customer Requirement
Complet Line Weight
5~7 MT (Approx)
Colour of Machine
Blue & Red Orange

PUF Panel Machine Making Company in India

Puf Panel Machine Manufacturers in India

Puf Panel Machine Manufacturers in Haryana

Our PUF Panel Roll Forming Machines find applications in various industries, including:


For the production of PUF panels used in building construction, offering exceptional thermal insulation properties.

Cold Storage:

Creating panels for cold storage facilities, ensuring precise temperature regulation and enhanced energy efficiency.


Designing panels for refrigerated trucks and containers, maintaining consistent temperature levels during transportation.

Modular Structures:

Crafting panels for modular structures, where quick assembly and optimal insulation are paramount.

PUF panel roll forming machine for creating insulated panels.

Puf Panel Machine Manufacturers in Delhi NCR , India

PUF Panel Machine Making Company in India

PUF Panel Machines Manufacturer in Faridabad, Haryana, India



J S ENGGPROJECTS stands as an industry leader in PUF Panel Roll Forming Machines manufacturing. With over four decades of experience, an unwavering commitment to innovation, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for achieving excellence in manufacturing, construction, insulation, and beyond.

Cost-Effective Production

Our roll forming machines optimize material usage, minimizing waste and labor costs, making them an economically sound choice for PUF panel manufacturers.

Enhanced Productivity

Our high-speed machines substantially increase production capacity, ensuring timely project completion and enabling efficient market response.

Tailored Solutions

We acknowledge that every project has unique requirements. Our machines can be meticulously customized to create a wide range of PUF panel profiles, catering to diverse applications in the construction and insulation industries.

Quality Assurance

The hallmark of our machines is their unwavering consistency and precision. Every metal sheet produced meets stringent quality standards, contributing to the superior thermal performance of PUF panels.

Puf Panel Machine Manufacturers in Delhi NCR , India

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